Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stuffed Pepper Stoup

Ok so here we go. I am new to the whole blogging thing, and I am excited to start. After a busy busy day on Monday, I wanted to come home and just cook even though I had a million things to do. I dunno its something about cooking that just makes me feel better. I wanted to make cookies for my manager at work, so I need something fast, good and fulfilling. I've been talking about making stuffed pepper soup with another friend and I decided to make it. I went online for a recipe and googled "Stuffed Pepper Soup" Quite a few came up and I decided to go with none other but one of my favorite cooks Rachael Rays. It was very simple and very quick. So here it is:

This is just some of the things you need:

Brown your meat and here is a tip, let the meat go, and get all brown and caramelized, don't mess with it!
Throw in your peppers and spices. I added garbanzo beans and frozen chopped spinach to bump up the fiber and protein. Once those are soft and your stock and canned tomatoes.

I cooked my rice on the side, otherwise it will soak up all the stock, and if you like that, by all means do that (I did it at the end for leftovers)and this is what you get:

It was so good and really fulfilling. If you liked stuffed peppers try this!!! It was fast and simple and the left overs are amazing. Make sure when you throw in the veggies to let the peppers get some what soft. It adds flavor to them, and it really makes it seem like them came out of the oven. Here is a link to the recipe.

Just a quick note, I used brown rice instead of orzo and didn't have basil so I skipped that. Enjoy!

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