Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Tale of Chocolate Chip Potato Chip Cookies...

Today I am going to leave you with The Tale Of Chocolate Chip Potato Chip Cookies. I have never made these before and always wanted to try and make potato chip cookies. Well after asking a manager what she would like me to bake her (she was having a rough day) I came across this recipe in a Paula Dean Holiday Magazine. Paula Dean is like the queen of desserts and sweets (if there is anyone else who is queen let me know lol) So I went with this.

First you have to get your ingredients out:

then mix it all together:

Roll into balls and press onto a cookie sheet:

Bake and this is what they come out like:

Now, the first batch i baked for the 13 minutes it said and even left it in for one more minute b/c they didn't look crispy on the edges.  Well after letting them sit, I went back to try one and to my dismay they were hard, really hard. I freaked out b/c I thought I did something wrong. Each batch after that came out earlier then the time it called for. See I like a nice moist cookie, but if you love crunchy cookies then this is for you. They smell like potato chips which I thought was really cool. I might try these again and take them out way before the time it says, or I may look for a new recipe to try. My manager said she liked them and that they are suppose to be really crunchy. I thought I messed them up the whole time. If you have ever tried Potato chip cookies let me know, I would like to know your thoughts.

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