Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lemon Cake and goals for self

Hello everyone.  I hope all is well with everybody.  Its been a little crazy for me. I am still looking for a job and unemployment is acting crazy. I am going to have to research it, which is a whole days work.
I also decided this week that I am going to try and stay away from sweets for 14 days.  I know this is funny because I am making this post about a sweet.  The only reason why is I eat way to many sweets.  I believe in everything in moderation and once in awhile you should treat yourself.  This is going to be hard for me because I LOVE sweets, wish me luck lol. I am 2/14.  Oh yeah I am also trying to get 14 days of 7 hours of sleep.  This is the hardest, but I want to make sure I get more rest than I do. I am 2/14 on that. Wish me luck on that too.

So anyways how about a quick and easy cake??

Its so easy its from a box! I'm still learning how to bake without a box, but when I do it comes out a little dry and heavy.  Box cake mixes are not bad, its all about what you do to it to made it different. If you buy the Duncan Hines Lemon cake mix, look on the side for a lemon pound cake.  I followed those directions for this and then added some lemon zest.  After the cake came out I let it cool and added a glaze of powered sugar mixed with lemon jucie.  You let the cake cool about 10 minutes, then poor half the glaze on (make sure you poke holes in it) then when you are ready to serve add the rest of the lemon glaze.  I saw this on on my my favorite blogs www.dozenflours.com It was amazing and everyone loved it.  It was super moist and had tons of lemon flavor. I hope you try this and enjoy it.

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