Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year! Finally A new post-Thai Chicken Pizza!

Hello to all!!!! It has been quite some time since I last made an update to this blog and I am sorry for that, but no excuses! Its a new year and its time to get movin! I am totally excited to tell you about this dish. It is Thai chicken Pizza from Rachael Ray.  She made this on her 30 minute meal show awhile ago and my mom saw it and wanted  me to make it.  We have been making it for years! My mom was in town last weekend and she asked me to make this and I love it so much I couldn't help but make it.  I did do a few changes.  I put everything on the pizza except for the cucumbers and cilantro and baked it all together.  Make sure you find bean spouts in your produce section.  I used canned, but they just don't taste as good. If you can only find canned (which is why I used canned) just make sure you dry them out really good otherwise your crust will get really wet.    This dish is very easy and I would advise everyone to try it!  Enjoy!.

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  1. I love Thai Chicken pizza! This sounds great!