Monday, January 25, 2010

Butterfinger like Cupcakes

Ahh the joys of a Monday morning.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  My was filled with games, food and a B-movie.  I love watching B-Horror movies. If you need a good laugh check them out trust me. 

So I wanted to save this for later, but for some reason I have been obsessed with cupcakes lately and wanted to share this one with you. I hope one day I can open a cupcake shop.  How awesome would that be?! So this cupcake is a Butterfinger like Cupcake, its soo good! I saw it in the new Food Network Magazine.   I cheated and didn't make the cupcake batter from scratch due to the fact that I cannot find Dutch Process Coco anywhere in my area. I even tried Trader Joes and they didn't have it.  I used a Pillsbury devils cake mix with pudding added.  It was my first time boiling sugar and I don't think my topping came out like Food Networks, but it tasted really good and everybody still loved it.  So here it is

I will post the recipe soon, but you need to run out and get the February/March addition of the Food Network Magazine.  They have a whole section on cupcakes that tastes like candy bars! YUM!  Enjoy!

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