Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back...yet again. Easy Egg Mug Recipe

Hello all and welcome back, or should I welcome back myself? I know I was MIA last week but I am back and ready to go. I hope you guys are too.  I have some nice recipes coming up soon and I cannot wait to share them with you.  Did you guys eat anything interesting lately?  My roommates friend came over so I planned and cooked a really nice dinner party which I cannot wait to share with you guys either. I thought everything was really good, but I guess that’s me.  

So I wanted to start this week with a really quick and simple breakfast that will give you guys great protein and keep you going until lunch. It is an omelet in a cup! So simple and easy and you can do so many things with this. 

This is after I it was done cooking and I mixed it with a fork.
This is just your basic egg mug recipe and I hope you guy try this. My dad would do a slight version of this to make a homemade egg Mcmuffin, which I should show you guys in a post one day. It is great if you are short on time in the morning because studies show breakfast is your greatest meal.

So I hope you try this and enjoy!

Adapted from Hungry Girl 

3 Eggs and 1 egg white (this is how I like it, you can use egg beaters if you like)
3 pieces of turkey meat chopped and sliced
1/4 cup of frozen onion, green pepper, celery mixture (easy on the wallet and time)
A tablespoon or more of cheese (your choice)

Put the eggs into a large cup and mix until the eggs are all mixed and slightly fluffy.  Add you turkey meat and frozen vegetable mixture.  Add some black pepper to taste and give one more stir.  Place in microwave for 3 minute and about half way through cooking time mix or flip I( flip the top cooked part to the bottom and let the liquid egg mixture go to the top). 

After the three minutes take out, give it a look over making sure its done, it might need another 30 seconds, top with whatever you like (I love salsa on mine) and enjoy!

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