Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Did I ever tell you I am the self proclaimed King of Christmas? I am a little behind in all my Christmas activities, but I will hopefully get it all together this week. I almost have all my baking needs, and I am starting to write out my Christmas shopping list for others.  

I always love the Christmas time and all the Christmas commercials, all the holiday shows, which I have recorded a TON! My dvr is going to be filled, mainly with Food Network Holiday Shows.  I normally bring out all my DVDs of all the holiday movies, and play Christmas music, I love it!

On to the bars. This Bar is great for parties or your cookie tray this Christmas.  I recently made these for a few people as a thank you and it is from Betty Crocker and you really can’t go wrong with her lol. These are moist and chewy and really rich but so worth it. If you don’t make the frosting homemade just buy the canned stuff. I used a cocoa frosting from Everyday with Rachael Ray and it was amazing! I hope you guys try this and enjoy!

This is what it looks like after baking, pre frosting, these would be really good like this too.

Here they are covered with the frosting OMG soo amazing, check out the link to see what they look like inside

Here is the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Dough Brownies

Here is the frosting from Everyday With Rachael Ray

These were soo good and rich theres are a must try!

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