Monday, February 22, 2010

Back again! A meal for another day!

Hello all! Sorry for the week of not posting, but I am back once again.  As some of you may know I am looking for a job (I work part time). I was laid off from Circuit City almost a year ago when they closed.  I need something soon b/c unemployment is going to run out, and I am not sure if they are going to extend it again or not, plus I want to work full time again.  This sounds crazy, but I do miss it.

So anyways, how about some food talk.  I have a quick and easy meal that you can use for a second meal durning the week.  Here is the first meal and later I will show you the second meal.

This is just a normal veggie soup and this is quick and simple if you don't have much time.   I used two bags of frozen veggies (I prefer fresh, but I want wanted the convenience of something quick and simple) a large box of vegetable stock, a can of butter beans, and I threw in some thyme for good measure (and a little S&P). I let the frozen veggies cook and heat through before I added anything else, once they were cooked threw I added in the rest of the ingredients.   You can throw on some fresh parsley, and throw in some fresh lemon juice just to give it some more life (a little parm cheese never hurt either).  If you wanted you could add some good carbs with this such as, brown rice or whole wheat pasta.  And that is that. Enjoy!

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