Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Hello! This is going to sound strange, but doesn’t a new pair of socks feel so good?! I know this is totally strange, but I love new socks. They are more comfy because you are breaking them in. Yeah I went there today.

So I hope everyone enjoyed Mondays post, my Cupcake of theMonth. I’m so excited about them I want to make them again. 

I am moving on today though and giving you guys Buffalo Chicken Wraps. These are so simple, and healthy. I cut out the cheese, but if you really love blue cheese, you can add a little bit. I also put in avocado to take place for the creamy ranch sauce. 

A little messy but so good

Look at all the veggies!

Here’s how you do it:


1 Grilled Chicken Breast, or chicken Boca patty
Lettuce or bagged dry broccoli cole slaw
Cucumber, 4-5 slices depending on how thick you cut them
Tomato, about 2 slices
Avocado, I used about 3 slices, ¼ of the avocado
Red Hots Buffalo sauce (zero Calories!)
 Lavash Wraps or 100 calorie wrap

Cook your chicken, whichever chicken you choose. Cut your tomato into slices along with the cucumber and avocado. This will be a very stuffed wrap, don’t worry just grab a fork.

When your chicken is done, pour a little of your buffalo sauce into a small dish and dunk your chicken breast in there. 

Build your wrap anyway you like, I start with the veggies and place the chicken on top. Roll your wrap up and enjoy!

It was hard to cut this because it was so filled with so many veggies.

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