Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HOT Summer days deserve an Ice Cold Drink

Hello my friends!!! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?  I went to garage sales and found a few neat items and worked.  I watched a scary storm move in last night, produce tons of lighting and thunder (and I LOVE a good thunderstorm) but it never rained.  This is what I saw moving in...

Doesn't it look like a tornado was coming? Talk about scary. I also found a scary bug on my tomato plant. I would upload the picture but I don't want to look at it again.

Since my last post was about coffee and since it has been so hot, I wanted to show you my version of an ice coffee. 

Its simple to make you just have to remember one thing: Make your coffee strong than you normally do.  I normally use 2 1/2 TBS of coffee for six cups. For my ice coffee I doubled it.  The reason for doubling your coffee is once the heat melts the ice, the coffee will get watered down. If you don't have strong coffee you wont have a really good coffee taste it just be very watery.

So first brew your coffee.
Second add ice (I actually filled my cup with ice, I just took the picture too soon)

Next pour your coffee in:
Add your cream and or sugar if desired

Lastly enjoy!!! How easy it that and how cool is this cup?! I received it as a going away present from my last job.

I hope you all enjoy your day and I promise tomorrow I will have a new recipe for your that involves food.

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