Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! Pictures from Halloween pasts

How is everyone on this wonderful holiday? I haven cooking and baking and putting the final touches on the house before trick or treaters come (at least I hope they come). I just want everyone to be safe and have fun! That is what it is all about having fun and eating lots of sweets and treats.

This was me back in either kindergarten or first grade I don't remember

This is how I decorated the house I grew up in

Pictures from some Halloween party I had
My first apartment decorated for Halloween
Yummy Punch
Dressed up for Halloween
This was at my second apartment another Halloween party (last year to be exact)
Homemade Pizza!!
Yummy Pizza
Pumpkins my friend and I carved for his house
Yummy cupcakes, from a box lol
My friends spooky display
the Pumpkins lighted and ready to go!

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween this year and enjoy!!!

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