Monday, February 6, 2012

Gearing up for the big V day

Hello all.

Doesn’t it seem that once it hits Halloween that there is one holiday right after the next? The Super Bowl isn’t a holiday, but we go to parties or throw a party, make lots of food and the list goes on, it can seem like a party.

Now right around the corner is Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers or for people to enjoy special people in their lives.

I haven’t been blogging for long, but today I want to review just a few recipes that might be good to make for you and your loved one.

Here is my recent slow cooker recipe..chicken pot pie, yum! Put this on in the morning, let it cook all day while you and your someone goes out and come home to a warm meal!

Serve this dessert up with some light whipped cream and berries...

You could also do breakfast in bed with these two recipes...

Soups on! A lightened Clam Chowder so you can save more room for dessert!

A rich dessert so good you will be screaming for more!

A little Ice cream for dessert.

Pesto chicken...Yum-O 

So there you go! A few recipe to choose from. Enjoy!

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