Monday, February 27, 2012

Lunch with the President

Hello! So I am super excited about this week because I am having lunch with the President! How cool is that? Now that I have you going, this is not the President your thinking of. I am having lunch with the President of the company I work for. I won this, along with three others, at a meeting I had to go to about a month ago. 

I’m super excited about it, but what to you ask a the President of the company? I have a few questions lined up, but I am hoping I don’t make a fool of myself. That would be embarrassing. 

I will tell you guys more about this after this happens. Today I am giving you guys a super easy lunch or even dinner. Do you remember the Lavash I talked about? I’m just using that to make a wrap. I am Lavash obsessed lately. I’m excited that I can buy this at a local store. This is a great lunch and simple to make in 5 minutes. This is what you need to do.

I love how this looks

Can you tell I like mustard?

Serves 1
1 sheet of Lavash

A few slices of cucumber, tomatoes, onion and lettuce
Any meat you would like, I used turkey, and any condiments you like. I used mustard, lots of it, relish and olive oil mayo

Put all of your ingredients in the middle of the lavash, fold the top and bottom and roll!

How simple is that guys? I wanted to show you this because its super simple and easy to make. Its heart healthy, and it costs way less than eating out. 

I hope you guys try this and enjoy!

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