Saturday, April 7, 2012

Indulgent Pancakes with Bananas, Caramel and Maple Syrup..Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! I wanted to do something really indulgent for Easter and since I don’t have many springtime recipes I wanted to share this one with you. Sometimes after a long week you just need to indulge yourself. Some may have a glass of wine or beer, some may have sweets (my favorite) and some may even bake or cook. 

This idea came from my roommate and I put it together for you. Now this isn’t your healthiest meal, but hey we all deserve things in moderation, right? 

I did use no sugar maple syrup, only because I wouldn’t buy flavored maple syrup because that very fakey tasting and real maple syrup is expensive. Plus with me being pre-diabetic, I had to cut corners in some places.  This is super simple and very affordable. I feel weird even typing directions but hey this is for you guys.

yeah I like bananas

Here is how do make these delicious pancakes.


Pancakes made from scratch or a mix (I used a mix)
Caramel Sauce
Maple Syrup

Make your pancakes according to package direction. When your pancakes are done and plated, top with bananas, caramel sauce, and maple syrup (all to taste). That’s it. Nothing major or grand, just simple delicious  pancakes with a little extra to take it over the top.

You could also add some walnuts too, I think that would also taste great with these. 

I hope you guys try these and have a Happy Easter, safe holiday.


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