Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quinoa Salad..light and healthy

I wasn't sure if i was going to post this week because honestly I wasn't motivated. There are a lot of reasons why, but I am not going to get into those right now. Nothing bad or anything, but I was talking to a friend who said they liked seeing my recipes so that was definitely one motivator and I wanted to offer something healthy. I've told you before that I am pre-diabetic, and I have been reading posts by friends on Facebook that are also struggling with diabetes and I wanted to offer something healthy and filling that would satisfy everyone.

I saw this on a Woman's Health website and was excited to make it. Now I know that I really try hard to keep the cost of food down but quinoa is a little m ore expensive. You should be able to find it at normal groceries stores, either by the rice, the natural/healthy food section or by the ethic section. Quiona is amazing. It is a whole grain filled with fiber and protein.  You can find a box that cost around 5 bucks or a bag that costs around 9. I have even seen this at Big Lots for $8! If you can get it there its a great saver.

If you cannot find quiona or really don't have the money to spend, than use brown rice.

not the greatest picture, but trust me it is good. The pepper salad I will show you another day.

Here's how you do it;


Adapted from Womans health.

1 cup quinoa, cooked according to package instructions
1 can white beans, drained & rinsed
 3 cups chopped tomatoes
1 cups fresh spinach, finally chopped
4-5 scallions chopped
1 ts of dried basil
1 avocado, chopped,
Feta Cheese (small container)


2 Tbs. balsamic vinegar
1 Tbs. olive oil
3 cloves garlic, chopped
Squeeze of lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt in pepper in a small bowl and set aside. Chop the spinach finely and put in a large bow.  Add the quinoa, white beans, avocado, tomato, scallions
 basil, and feta cheese. You can either chill this or serve right away. If serving immediately top with dressing.

This is so good and filling. You can either grill up a chicken breast and serve this salad as a side, or double up on the salad and make it a meal.

I hope you guys try this and as always enjoy!!!

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