Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Banana Pepper Sub

Hello! Its mid-week and I can happily say I am glad I was off this past weekend because the weather was so nice and this weekend doesn’t seem like it is going to be as nice. I am also happy to report that I went to the dentist and I have no cavities! For all the sweets I eat this is great! I eventually need a crown on a cracked tooth, but for not it is ok. I am so happy because for awhile I didn’t have insurance and I wasn’t able to go, so this is exciting for me. Now the only thing I have to get back on is working out, that will come.

Let’s continue on with Sub-week. This one my roommate actually thought of and was going for more a flavor combination. This is a Chicken Banana Pepper sub. I hope you guys try this one.


1 loaf of wheat bread
A package of Boca Chicken Patties
Banana Peppers to taste
Cucumbers to taste, cut thinly.
Mustard to taste

Cut your loaf in half, not cutting all the way through. Heat your Boca patties. While your patties are heating up, cut your cucumbers and take the banana peppers out of the container and pat dry (take out as many as you like). Place your cucumbers on the bread, chicken patties, banana peppers and mustard on the bread. Wrap tightly in tin foil and let heat through in a 350 oven.
Take out, unwrap and enjoy!

This is super simple and very affordable. Serve this up with a nice side salad or fries, which ever you prefer. It should serve 4, but  I like to think I’m still growing and ate half.


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