Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Copycat Recipe Cold Stone's Cake Batter Ice Cream


How is everyone? Have I ever told you I played the piano? Well did. I haven’t played in a few years. My keyboard still works but its missing a key and sustain pedal does not work so it’s harder to play. I watched a tape of myself playing and I realized how much I missed it.

I just need to bring out my keyboard and play it again. I shouldn’t let my talent and something that I love go to waste, especially after all that money spent for piano lesson’s.

Speaking of music, yesterday was one of my favorite singers birthdays so today instead of cake, I have birthday cake ice cream! And the best thing about this is you don’t need a ice cream maker! You get pieces of cake, and frosting and ice cream. Here is how you do it.


1 pint of heavy cream (16 oz)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
Left of cake, any kind, I used chocolate,-no frosting*** broken into small chucks
1 can of frosting (its up to you how much you put in there)
¾ cup of sifted yellow cake mix

First, whip up your heavy cream until soft peaks form. In another bowl pour your sweetened condensed milk into a bowl and slowly mix in your sifted cake mix. Add your cake chunks, then fold in your heavy cream.

 Next, layer your sweetened condensed milk/heavy cream mixture and frosting into containers. I start with the mixture than do a tablespoon or two of frosting and keeping going back and forth until the container is full. The frosting part is really up to you on how much of a bite of frosting you want. I LOVE frosting so I used a lot, but didn’t use a whole container. 

Put in the freezer for a few hours and than enjoy!

This ice cream was amazing! It was like Cold Stones Cake Batter Ice Cream. You get chunks of cake and pockets of frosting, delicious! 

***If you have left over cake, or have to buy a cake with frosting, use that in this but don’t take off the frosting. Let the frosting on the cake or cupcakes be the container of frosting.

I hope you guys try this and enjoy!

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